ONSEN Bathtime – Bringing traditional Japanese bathsalts to the UK

Japan is famous for its many luxurious hot springs, or Onsen, which dot the landscape and offer bathers calm downtime and numerous health benefits thanks to the water’s natural mineral content. Regional hot springs are often imbued with the character of their local environment with local ingredients that can add aromatherapeutic and health-boosting properties.

To anyone thinking of visiting Japan, we whole-heartedly recommend visiting some of these fantastic places! For the rest of us, to whom a trip to Japan seems but a distant dream, ONSEN Bathtime brings an authentic collection of traditional Onsen Bathsalts to the UK.

Whereas in England it is traditional to add Bubble Bath or to use Soaps in the bathtub, the Japanese have long-fostered the culture of adding colourful and aromatic mineral salts to their bathwater. These are ideal for relaxing those sore and aching muscles after your Yoga workout!

Our specially selected range of Japanese bath salts and bath bombs include some of Japan’s most popular hot spring locations, such as Noboribetsu, Yoshino or Beppu. We have also recently introduced a range of bath bombs that are based on the Japanese concept of ‘Forest Bathing’, or Shinrin Yoku. Forest Bathing is a type of nature therapy, which holds that immersion in the natural landscape or in natural aromas, such as those of woodland and forest, acts directly to calm your nervous system into a parasympathetic state. Some of the many benefits can include: emotional healing, decreased blood pressure, improvement to the general sleep-wake cycle, improved relationship skills, reduced stress, and reduced aggression.

Make sure to visit our stand at the OM Yoga Show Manchester – F4 – and at the OM Yoga Show London – L10 – where we will be displaying all of our wonderful bath salts so that you can smell and touch them for yourself, and choose a tailored Japanese bathing regimen to perfectly suit your tastes.

To browse our range of Japanese bathing products online, and to take advantage of our ‘Pick n’ Mix’ bundle promotion, please visit our site:



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  1. Steve on January 31, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    I love using these bathsalts. Its a nice fragrant aroma and the bath wayer feels solly smooth. Really adds that extra dimension to a hot relaxing bath.

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