My Yoga Bag at the OM Yoga Show

Hey, I’m Janet and I’m a mad Yogi Sewer! My Yoga Journey started 4 years ago. I was 46 and struggling with various ailments, using a walking stick and unable to walk up the stairs. I’d been failed by my doctors and was just told to take pain killers. Luckily for me, I found Yoga! From the very first class, I was hooked and boy was I in bad shape. I couldn’t even get into child’s pose. Thankfully I’m fit and healthy now and proud of myself for getting my body back. The best thing about yoga is that everybody is on a journey. Even if you’re next to someone you perceive to be an absolute yoga goddess, there is always something that you can do that they can’t (even if it is just savasana).

I plucked up the courage to go on a Yoga Retreat to Spain and met some forever friends. During a Chakra learning class, I was told I needed to let my creativity out, so I decided to combine my love of yoga with sewing and formed My Yoga Bag. I’ve always enjoyed sewing. When I was a child I would sit next to my Mum and wait eagerly for her to make me the latest ra-ra skirt. From the age of 16, I would make my own patterns using the evening gazette paper and rock up in a new outfit every Saturday Night.


I live in Saltburn-by-the-Sea which is the most beautiful victorian town on the North East coast and has an amazing yoga vibe. I’m lucky enough to have a summer house at the bottom of the garden. In this room sewing just happens, time seems to speed up and before I know it I have created “things”. I don’t know how it happens it just does! I know I’m supposed to be concentrating on my breathing during Savasana, but pssst don’t tell my yoga teachers as this is when I have the most amazing mad ideas for my next project. I make Yoga Mat Bags, Yoga Cushions, Eye Pillows & Straps and sell them on my website or you can often find me and my husband at Yoga Festivals across the country. When I’m at yoga I’m thinking about sewing and when I’m sewing I’m thinking about yoga. I’ve even convinced my husband and son to do yoga and even our dog Milly can do a great happy baby.

Many items are upcycled from charity shop finds or off-cuts from a curtain and upholstery shop. Most items are unique and individual so that you can stand out from the crowd. I’m thrilled (and a tad daunted being amongst all the other fabulous stalls) to be attending the OM Yoga Show in Manchester for the first time and I hope to see lots of you lovely yogis there and would love to chat about your yoga journey.

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Find My Yoga Bag on stand E7a at the OM Yoga Show Manchester


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