25th & 26th April 2020


Medica Health

Medica Health

Medica Health is the British manufacturer of Theragem Crystal Light technology, fusing ancient wisdom, full spectrum light, electromagnetic frequencies, colour, precious gems and metals, crystals and non-toxic components the best way to non-invasively and natural prepare the body for positive change to harmony.

Theragem is the best tool to aid physical, emotional, mental, spiritual conditions aligning the conscious mind, the other than conscious mind and the Higher Self.

Visit our booth for your free taster session! We will also demo a range of non-invasive products creating a beneficial EMF environment.

Medica Health International’s worldwide acclaimed products are globally used by prestigious clinics, well known respected medical experts, therapists and health-conscious consumers.

Find Medica Health on stand E8a at the OM Yoga Show Manchester.

www.medicahealth.orginfo@medicahealth.org – T 01254 245013


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