Gaia Handmade Fabrics and Santé Yoga

This year Gaia Handmade Fabrics and Santé Yoga are joining forces to step forward in the movement of mindful change in the world.

Last year Aga and Danielle met at the OM Yoga Show Manchester; they were drawn to collaborate through their passion and dedication to manifest sustainable and expanding change.

Aga works as a voice, creator and a warrior mother for tribes in Thailand and Vietnam, to share a product filled with inspiring stories and love. Danielle holds space for people to explore their true nature, through yoga, sound, breath and immersions in nature. They both connected through their strong roots to the Mother Earth and their vision to empower people through knowledge and truth.

Through our own accountability and self-respect we can make a difference

They are working hard on projects to invite people to wake with a gentle yet honest hand. They are inspired by the light which guides honest creativity and hope to inspire others to make mindful choices in their daily life whilst taking great pleasure to wake up and enjoy the gift of life.

Through education and effort, the world will wake up and heal

They are on a mission to connect our different worlds to allow people to make choices based on truth. To question your choices and be open for change, without fear or self-judgement.

“Aga has been my charging point, she fills me with a drive to see beyond barriers and as a team, I know all is possible. One person CAN make a difference!”

Find out more:

Head over and say to Aga and Danielle on stand H2 at the OM Yoga Show Manchester.


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