Jay Thompson and Mike Morgan 1

Jay Thompson and Mike Morgan

Jay Thompson has always been passionate about wanting to help people become better versions of themselves. When he started on his own path to greater health, he never thought he would end up as a personal trainer, let alone a yoga instructor. The goal was simple – lose weight and get fit. One day, he decided to try out a yoga class with a friend, and instantly became hooked on anything to do with bodyweight movement.

What Jay teaches through his training, is that the journey is all about you. He helps you to reconnect with what you were capable of doing and becoming all along – unlocking your true potential.

Mike’s relationship with fitness has been fuelled by a life-long love for play. From taking part in different sports, athletics, martial arts, calisthenics and yoga, progressive movements have always played a major role in his life.

His route to personal training was surprisingly not linked to all the activities he took part in. It was, in fact, through his own personal development – emotional resilience and mental wellness – that encouraged him to want to evoke these same feelings of happiness and satisfaction in others, through obtaining mastery of your own body.


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