1:1 Wellness at the OM Yoga Show

I’m going there…

Thieves on the streets and Cypress between the sheets. Say what? At 1:1 Wellness, we are always advocating the use of Young Living’s proprietary blend, Thieves, to naturally decrease our exposures to fungi, bacteria and other nasties on the street and a collection of other oils we will highlight, at Yoga Om, to use under the sheets. Even if you don’t have a low libido, we guarantee that these essential oils will light the fire. But, if you have a low sex drive, there are lots of reasons why we can have low libido: medications, synthetic products, anxiety/stress, exhaustion, new parenthood/breastfeeding/carrying for newborns or toddlers all day, unresolved past trauma, miscommunication or resentment towards partner and age. Of course, we don’t want to put any synthetics or fake products on our bits, making Young Living Essential Oils just right in and out of our beds.

We are quite proud to say that Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that has been non-gmo project certified. This is really important in an unregulated, “natural” industry that is allowed to make claims that are not always true. Coupled with our Seed to Seal guarantee, third party testing and ethical sourcing standards, whatever it is impacting you, at worst— our day to day coping strategies—it certainly won’t be your Young Living toxin-free products you are using contributing to intimacy challenges. Our relationships are made to require intimacy.  Our bodies are made to heal with essence of the earth.

But listen, I get it. L-I-F-E happens. Don’t panic. There’s time to learn more and make changes. But for now, when it comes to get things…ummm…flowing. We have an oil for that.

Can’t wait to share with you how Young Living Essential Oils can be used by both men and women to stimulate blood flow and circulation, balance hormones, and support your sacral chakra. In the meantime, feel free to share and take this quiz to get more information about our classes, products, and plant-based lifestyles:  https://1to1wellness.typeform.com/to/YsyIjU

Find 1:1 Wellness, Young Living Essential Oils on stand F4a at the OM Yoga Show Manchester

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